Leningrad-015S 1985
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Radio "Leningrad-015-stereo" since 1985 produced the Leningrad plant "Radio". Portable stereo radio '' Leningrad-015-stereo '' is designed for reception in the bands DV, SV (2 sub-bands) HF (4 sub-bands) and VHF. The receiver can be used as a sound reproducing device. The receiver has electronic tuning on all bands, there is a AFC, silent tuning and three fixed settings in the UHF band, light indication of stereo transmissions on VHF-FM, indication of fine tuning and multipath reception, automatic switching of mono and stereo modes and the possibility of manual switching of the receiver to the mode pseudo-stereo, which allows you to get a surround sound effect when receiving monaural programs. Listening to the programs is possible both on the built-in monitoring loudspeakers and on the external speaker system from two open-type loudspeakers. Universal power supply: from the mains and from 6 elements 373. The real sensitivity in the ranges of DV, SV with a magnetic antenna 1.0 / 0.5 mV / m, in the ranges of KB and VHF with a whip antenna 50/5 µV. The neighboring channel selectivity is 70 dB. The maximum output power when powered from the mains 2x4 watts. The band of reproduced frequencies of the AM path is 80 ... 5600, World Cup - 80 ... 12500 Hz. The dimensions of the receiver (without AC) - 439x245x150 mm, weight 7 kg. Since 1987, the radio was named as "Leningrad RP-015-stereo".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko