Ural-301 1971
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Portable radio receivers "Ural-301" and "Ural-302" from 1971 and 1972 produced the Sarapulsky radio plant. These are the first portable radio receivers in the USSR assembled on hybrid integrated circuits. The receivers have the same circuit and design, the difference is in the absence of the AFC in the first model. The appearance of the models is the same. Any of the receivers is designed for receiving in the DV, SV and KV bands in the KB-1 12.1 ... 11.6 MHz, KV-2 9.9 ... 9.4 MHz, KV-3 7.3 bands. ..3.95 MHz and in the VHF band 73.0 ... 65.8 MHz. In DV, SV reception is conducted on a magnetic antenna, KB, VHF to a telescopic. Sensitivity in the Far East - 2.5 mV / m, SV - 1.0 mV / m, KB - 500 µV, VHF - 100 µV. The AM channel path is 465 kHz, and the FM is 10.7 mHz. The adjacent channel selectivity is 30 dB. The average slope of the slope of the resonance characteristics in the FM range is 0.15 dB / kHz. The band of AM tract - 315 ... 3550 Hz, World Cup - 315 ... 7000 Hz. The radio receivers used 6 hybrid integrated circuits Trap-2. Loudspeaker type 0.5GD-31. Rated output power 0.4 watts. Power supply of 6 A-343 elements or 2 batteries 336. The dimensions of the receiver are 211х233х76 mm, weight with batteries is 2 kg. Export receivers had other frequencies of the HF and VHF bands.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko