Vega RP-245S 1983
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The Vega RP-245C radio receiver has been prepared for release since 1993 by the Berdsky Radio Plant. The receiver did not go into production, and since 1995 a Vega RP-245S-1 radio receiver has been manufactured, which is designed to receive broadcasting stations in the ranges: DV, CB, KV-1 (5.85 ... 6.3 MHz), KV-2 (6.95 ... 7.45 MHz), KV-3 (9.45 ... 9.95 MHz), KV-4 (11.6 ... 12.1 MHz) and new HF -5 (15.1 ... 15.6 MHz), KV-6 (17.5 ... 17.95 MHz and VHF 65 ... 74 MHz. In the Far East, SV, the reception is carried out on a magnetic antenna, in KB , VHF-FM bands on the telescopic. The receiver has a built-in electronic clock unit, there is a stereo LED indicator, an external power connection. You can receive stereo broadcasts in the VHF range and listen to They can be used with stereo phones. In 1995, the receiver was upgraded to the Vega RP-245S-1 model. First, the receiver was produced according to GOST, then TU. The clock was gradually removed in this receiver, the HF range was somewhat expanded. Later, the FM band was introduced, instead of VHF-FM.Sensitivity in the ranges of LW 2 mV / m, SW 1.5 mV / m, HF 0.4 mV / m and VHF 0.1 mV / m.The range of reproduced frequencies for sound pressure is 315 ... 3150 Hz , maximum output power of 0.8 watts. Dimensions of any radio receiver 320x120x95 mm. Weight without batteries 1.5 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko