Karat-Kantri RP-201 1998
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Radio "Carat Country RP-201" from I-sq. 1998 produced the Penza Radio Plant. The radio receiver is designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations in the continuous VHF band at frequencies from 65.8 to 108 MHz. The radio can be used as a portable or stationary. Power is supplied from the battery or from the network through the built-in power supply. Sensitivity to a 50 µV telescopic or wire antenna. Nominal output power of 150 mW, with mains power of 250 mW. There is a jack for connecting headphones, a fine adjustment indicator, a power on indicator. Dimensions of the receiver 157x108x80 mm. Weight without batteries 650 gr. Since 1999, the plant produced a radio "Karat-Country RP-202" characterized by the presence of fixed settings with the mode "memory". After 2000, the plant produced the "Karat Country RP-203" model operating in the HF range, but this is information for another site.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko