Nejva RP-305 1986
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Since 1986, the portable radio receiver Neiva RP-305 produced the Kamensk-Ural instrument-making plant. '' Neiva RP-305 '' five-band DV, SV and KV (3 sub-bands) portable superheterodyne radio receiver of the 3rd complexity group, assembled on semiconductor devices. It is a complete analogue of the radio "Neiva-305", produced since 1982. In the ranges of DV and CB reception is performed on the built-in magnetic antenna, in the HF subbands on the built-in, telescopic. The sensitivity of the model in the ranges: DV - 1 mV / m, SV - 0.8 mV / m, KV sub-bands - 250 µV. Rated output power is 100 mW, maximum 200 mW. Power supply of the radio receiver is universal and carried out from 4 elements A-316, the Krone battery, as a temporary or from an external power supply unit with a voltage of 4.5-6 V. , white and gray colors.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko