Saturn 1964
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Since 1964, the Saturn portable transistor radio has been produced by the Dnepropetrovsk Radio Plant. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6The radio receiver is designed to receive in the LW and MW bands. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Sensitivity to a magnetic antenna in the LW range - 3 mV / m, SV - 1.2 mV / m. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Adjacent channel selectivity 16...20 dB. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6The band of reproducible frequencies is 450..3000 Hz. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Rated output power 90 mW. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Power supply: Krona battery or 7D-0.1 battery. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6The dimensions of the radio receiver are 144 x 88 x 42 mm, weight 450 g. The radio set included a leather case and a charger.,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko