Spidola 1960
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The portable transistor radio "Spidola" from I quarter of 1960 produced the Riga State Electrotechnical Plant VEF. Radio Speedol (PMP-60) stands for Small-Sized Semiconductor Receiver, 1960. '' Spidola '' is one of the first mass portable semiconductor radios in the USSR. This is a superheterodyne of class 3, assembled on 10 transistors, designed to receive radio stations in stationary or field conditions in the long 150 ... 410 KHz, medium 520 ... 1600 KHz and short wave sub-bands: KV-5 ... KV -1 75 ... 52, 49, 41, 31, 25 meters. Reception is made on a magnetic antenna in the ranges of DV, SV and on a telescopic retractable antenna in the HF sub-bands. It is possible to connect an outdoor antenna. The sensitivity of a radio receiver with a magnetic antenna on a DV is 2 mV / m; SV is 1.5 mV / m. In the HF subranges with a telescopic antenna 50 ... 100 µV. Selectivity in neighboring channels, with detuning by plus / minus 10 KHz - 36 ... 40 dB. IF wound is 465 kHz. The bandwidth of the inverter when attenuating by 6 dB - 8 kHz. The nominal output power of the 1GD-1 VEF loudspeaker is 150 mW, the maximum 300 mW. The range of reproducible sound frequencies 300 ... 3500 Hz. An external speaker was developed for the receiver, in which a 3GD-9 VEF loudspeaker with increased sound pressure and a range of reproducible frequencies of 100 ... 4000 Hz was used. The radio has sockets for connecting a piezoelectric pickup to it. Power is supplied from six A-373 cells or from two KBS-L-0.5 batteries. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 275x197x90 mm. Weight without batteries 2.2 kg. The retail price of 73 rubles 40 kopecks from April 1961. The radio '' Spidola '' satisfies all the basic requirements for battery receivers of class 2 according to GOST 5651 of 1951, but was put in the third class as there was no standard for portable transistor receivers. The corresponding GOST 5651-64 appeared in 1965, after which the line of receivers of the VEF plant was transferred to the 2nd class.Spidola - female name. Translated from Latvian to Russian - Shining. The heroine of the epic Andrei Pumpurs "Lachplesis".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko