Salena-220 1998
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VHF radio "Salena 220" since 1998 produced the Kandava radio plant. The radio has two FM-1 88..108 MHz and FM-2 65..74 MHz bands. Radio reception is made on a telescopic antenna. There is a built-in power supply and a compartment for six A-343 cells, and you can install two 3336 batteries. The 3GDSH-27 dynamic head is installed in the speaker. Comes with a carrying strap. The circuit is made on the chip TEA5710, the company Philips. Tuning to frequency is made using the KPI. Bass amplifier is made on the TDA7056 microcircuit. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 322x96x80 mm.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko