VEF-221 1988
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Portable radio "VEF-221". Riga software VEF. Release since 1988. Radio of the 2nd group of complexity "VEF 221" was exported. Ranges: DF, MW, HF-1 17.9 ... 15.0 MHz, HF-2 9.4 ... 12.1 MHz, HF-3 5.9 ... 7.5 MHz and VHF 88 .. .108 MHz. The model has a system of APCG, AGC, silent setting. There is a headphone jack with a resistance of 50 ... 120 Ohms, a tape recorder socket. For reception in the ranges of DV, CB receiver has an internal magnetic antenna, and in the ranges of KV (SW) retractable, telescopic. Reception can be carried out and on the external antenna. Sensitivity in the range of DV is 1.5 mV / m, SV - 0.7 mV.m, KV - 0.3 mV / m, VHF - 50 mV. 26 dB selectivity. The frequency band when working on VHF - 150 ... 10,000 Hz. The rated output power is 250 mW. Power supply or 6 elements of 373. The current consumption without a signal of 14 mA. Battery set at an average volume lasts for 100 hours. The size of the receiver 297x247x80 mm, weight without batteries 2.3 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko