Luch 1970
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Portable VHF-FM radio "Beam" since the beginning of 1970 produced Sarapulsky radio plant. '' Beam '' is the first Soviet small-sized VHF-FM radio receiver. It is designed to receive programs of local radio stations located at a distance of no more than 20 ... 25 kilometers from the reception site and operating in the VHF band with the FM radio to the telescopic antenna. The radio was released in 2 versions. The first option is intended for sale in the USSR and has a range of 65.8 ... 73 MHz, the second option is intended for export to a number of countries and operates in the range of 87.5 ... 108 MHz. Such a radio receiver under the name '' Astrad '' is shown in the photo. Design, construction and electrical circuit of both options are the same. The model is assembled on 10 germanium transistors. The receiver housing is made of color impact-resistant plastic. The speaker system of the model consists of a 0.1GD-12 loudspeaker. The band of reproduced sound frequencies 300 ... 5000 Hz. Receiver sensitivity 300 µV, rated output power 70 mW, maximum 100 mW. The averaged slope of the resonance characteristic with attenuation from 6 to 26 dB is 0.08 dB / KHz. IF 10.7 MHz. Powered by the battery Krona VTs. The dimensions of the receiver are 68x130x31 mm, its weight is 240 g.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko