Lastochka 1961
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Portable transistor radio "Swallow" from the beginning of 1961 produced Dnepropetrovsk radio plant. The radio is assembled on 6 transistors and operates in the ranges of LW, ST. Sensitivity respectively 5 ... 7 and 3 ... 4 mV / m. Selectivity 12 ... 14 dB. Rated output power 60 mW. The receiver was produced by an experimental series, at the end of the year it was modernized and from 1962 it was produced with improved characteristics and already on seven transistors. The sensitivity of the upgraded receiver in the SV, DV ranges has improved accordingly to 3 ... 4 and 1.5 ... 2.5 mV / m. Selectivity increased to 16 ... 20 dB. The rated output power increased to 90 mW. The range of reproducible frequencies as in the previous model is 450 ... 3000 Hz. Both models are powered by a Krone battery or a 7D-0.1 battery, in this case a charger is included. Quiescent current ~ 8 mA, at rated power 25 ... 30 mA. The receiver is decorated in a plastic case. On its front is the tuning dial, the range switch is located on the back wall, on the side wall at the bottom left there is a volume control with a switch. Includes leather case. Dimensions of the radio 125x78x39mm. Its weight is 450 grams. The price of the second model is 47 rubles 15 kopecks. The design of the case of the first model is distinguished by beveled halves and snaps, instead of screws. Schemes of the first model of the receiver no.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko