Meridian-202 1973
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Portable radios "Meridian-202" and "Meridian-203" since 1973, produced the Kiev plant Radiopribor. The portable transistor receiver of the 2nd class '' Meridian-202 '' was developed on the basis of the model '' Meridian-201 ''. It is designed for reception in the ranges: DV, SV, KV-1 (24.8 ... 25.6 m), KB-2 (30.7 ... 31.6 m), KB-3 (41.0 ... 42.3 m), KB-4 (48.4 ... 50.4 m), KB-5 (50.4..76.0 m) and VHF-FM (4.05 ... 4.5 m) waves. In the VHF range there is an automatic frequency control. The model uses a pushbutton range switch, separate tone controls for the lowest and highest sound frequencies, there is an electronic-light two-color tuning indicator for the station. The speaker system of the model consists of a 1GD-37 loudspeaker. Rated output power ULF 0.4 watts. The receiver is powered by 6 elements of 373, with a voltage of 9 V. The dimensions of the receiver are 215x332x96 mm, weight 3.5 kg. Together with the model "Meridian-202", but in a much smaller number (~ 3 thousand units), the plant produced a radio receiver "Meridian-203", differing in other appearance and scale settings from above.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko