Rosinka-2 1965
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Compact radio receivers "Rosinka" and "Rosinka-2" are experimentally developed and produced in 1965 by the Leningrad IRPA. Transistor miniature radio "Rosinka" - designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations in the medium wave range. The radio is built according to the scheme of direct amplification on seven transistors and one semiconductor diode. The power source is two batteries, with a total voltage of 2.4 V. The operating time of the radio without recharging the batteries is about 10 hours. The range of received frequency - 525 ... 1605 kHz. Sensitivity - 10 mV / m. C / c selectivity - 12 db. Rated output power 25 mW. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 45x40x16.5 mm. Weight 50 gr. The radio "Rosinka-2" differs from the receiver "Rosinka" only by the range of long waves. The release of radio sets "Rosinka" and "Rosinka-2" was limited.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko