Sverdlovsk 1957
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The portable transistor radio "Sverdlovsk" since 1957 produced Kamensk-Ural instrument-making plant. Radio "Sverdlovsk" is a portable dual-band battery-powered superheterodyne, built on transistors. The ranges of the received frequencies DV and ST. Radio reception is carried out on an internal magnetic ferrite antenna. The radio receiver uses seven transistors and one diode: P6G frequency converter, P6G local oscillator, P6V (2 pcs.) Intermediate frequency amplifier, DG-Ts8 - detector, P6V - low frequency preamplifier, P6V (2pcs.) frequencies. The radio is powered by three KBS-L-0.5 batteries from a flashlight. The supply voltage is about 12 V, the current consumption is 23 ma in the rest mode. The radio receiver uses 1GD-9 electrodynamic loudspeaker. The nominal output power of the receiver amplifier is 100 mW, the maximum 200 mW. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 250x170x85 mm. Its mass with batteries of 2 kg. All were released about 100 copies.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko