Sonata-201 1972
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The portable radio "Sonata-201" from the beginning of 1972 produced the Leningrad plant "Radio set." The radio receiver of class 2 "Sonata-201" is designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations in the LW, LW, and 4 HF bands. It is designed on the basis of the receiver "Sonata". Changes in the electrical circuit are aimed at increasing the output power to 0.5 W and ease of tuning on KB subbands. For this, the output triodes P41 are replaced with GT402A, and the wafer switch is replaced with a new push-button switch for six positions. This innovation made it possible to increase the number of KB subbands from two to four, and make the subbands 41, 31, and 25 m stretched. In addition, the new model uses an input circuit that is notable for noise immunity and high sensitivity. The external receiver has also changed, as well as the placement of its controls and scales. Power is supplied from 2 3336L batteries. The dimensions of the receiver are 198x270x78 mm, weight 2 kg. The export version of the radio receiver had square ranges from 16 to 50 meters.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko