VEF-204 1970
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Radio VEF-204 since the beginning of 1970 produced the Riga Electrotechnical Plant VEF. Radio "VEF-204" - export version of the model "VEF-201". The receiver differs from the baseline in other HF subbands, starting at 13 meters. The free position of the range selector at the VEF-201 receiver is occupied by the sixth KV subband, 75 ... 187 m. Power is supplied from 6 R-20 elements (A-373). The current consumption, in the absence of a signal of 14 mA, and at an average output power of 100 ... 150 mW - 35 ... 50 mA. A battery pack at an average volume lasts for 200 hours of work. Dimensions of the model 297x229x105 mm, weight 2.7 kg. The electrical circuit of the main board of the VEF-204 receiver does not differ from that of the VEF-201 model, and the electrical circuit of the input circuits is similar to the input circuits of the radio receiver VEF-206.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko