Sokol-304 1985
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Since 1985, the portable radio "Sokol-304" has produced the Moscow software "Temp". Radio '' Falcon-404 '' produced in 1977 in accordance with the new GOST 5651-82 was transferred from the 4th to the 3rd group of complexity. The design of the receiver, its scheme and design, except for the name has not changed. Some nodes and radio elements were replaced with new ones, in particular, a loudspeaker, a volume control with a power switch, a piezoceramic filter, a capacitor switchgear, some resistors and capacitors. The technical characteristics and parameters of the new radio receiver are similar to those of the old model, except for selectivity and output power, which is caused by the replacement of the piezoceramic IF filter and the loudspeaker with lower electrical parameters, respectively, at lower cost. Radio "Sokol-304" works in the ranges of the Far East and St. The model has jacks for connecting a miniature headset, external antenna, external power supply. 26 dB selectivity. Sensitivity in the ranges of DV and CB 2 and 1.2 m / m, respectively. Rated output power 100 mW. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 205x110x65 mm. Weight 600 gr. Price 31 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko