Radiotekhnika T-7111S 1988
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The tuner "Radio Engineering T-7111-stereo" has been developed and produced at the Riga Software "Radio Engineering" since 1988. He was part of the radio complex '' Radio Engineering KS-111-stereo ''. The tuner allows you to receive radio programs in the ranges of DV, CB and HF (25, 31, 41, 49 and 62 m) waves, as well as mono and stereo radio programs in the UHF band. In the AM path range, double frequency conversion is used. The tuner has three outputs of the AF, allowing you to listen to the received programs on stereo phones (with the ability to adjust their volume), connect external stereo amplifiers of the AF, and also record programs on the tape recorder. The following operational amenities are provided: electronic tuning in all bands; fixed tuning to 4 radio stations in any band; automatic sensitivity adjustment in the AM path; automatic frequency control, manually turned off in the AM channel paths and automatically (when the setting is rotated) in the VHF band; automatic stereo mono switching; switching bandwidth on the IF in the AM path range; silent tuning at the station in the VHF range. The tuner has a fine tuning indicator on three LEDs (tuner-recorder), a stereo indicator, an overload indicator in AM bands, jacks for connecting external antennas in all bands, and a separate magnetic antenna in AM bands. The sensitivity of the tuner with an external antenna in the AM 60, FM 1.8 µV ranges, the selectivity in the range of DV 50, CB 40, KB 26, VHF 5 2 dB; range of reproduced frequencies of the FM tract is 31.5 ... 15000, AM 63 ... 6300 Hz; Tuner dimensions 430x360x62 mm; its weight is 5 kg. The price of the tuner for 1988 is 220 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko