Sokol-6 1970
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Radio "Sport-3" and "Falcon-6" - experimental models of the Dnepropetrovsk and Moscow radio plants in 1970. Both radios except the different designs and the plants that prepared them were the same. The model is a third-class radio receiver designed to receive broadcasting stations in the bands: LW, MW, HF and VHF-FM. HF range is divided into 2 subranges. The radio receiver has an internal ferrite antenna for receiving on a DV, SV and a retractable telescopic antenna, for receiving on HF subbands and VHF-FM, two sockets: telephone and for connecting an external antenna. Main characteristics: Frequency bands: DV 150 ... 408, MW 525 ... 1605 kHz. KV-2 3.95 ... 7.3, KB-1 9.5 ... 12.1 MHz. VHF-FM 64 ... 75 MHz. The sensitivity of any radio when receiving on an internal ferrite antenna is not worse: in the range of the Far East - 2.5 mV / m, SV - 1.0 mV / m. Sensitivity on the KB ranges with a 200 µV telescopic antenna, in VHF-FM 50 µV. IF AM tract 465 kHz, FM 10.7 MHz. Selectivity (with a setting of ± 10 kHz) 46 dB The frequency band when working on a loudspeaker when receiving in the AM path 300 ... 3500 Hz, in the FM 250 ... 5000 Hz. Rated output power 100 mW. Power - 4 elements 316. The average current consumption is 25 mA. The Moscow Radio Plant prepared the export version of the Sokol-6 receiver and even released several hundred copies. The frequency ranges of the DW and CB while not changed. KV sub-bands had an overlap: KV-1 14.7 to 18 MHz and KV-2 from 6 to 12.1 MHz. The VHF band covered the band from 88 to 107 MHz.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko