Korvet-038-stereo 1983
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Since 1983, the Corvette-038-stereo electric player has been producing the Kirovsky Ladoga plant. The model has an ultra-quiet DC motor with electronic switching windings. The tonearm uses viscous dynamic damping of the main resonance in the horizontal and vertical planes. The downforce and roll-off compensators regulate the load on the needle within 0 ... 25 mN and its uniform pressure on both sides of the groove. Magnetic pickup head GZM-018 Corvette, the needle holder is made of beryllium, which reduced the mass of the mobile system to 0.8 mg. Diamond elliptical needle with crystallographic orientation. The electronic control unit has a plate cleaner and a self-locking device that turns off the engine power and raises a pickup above a phonograph record and a micro lift, it is made on photoelectronic elements and reed switches. Corvette-038-stereo is similar in design, parameters and layout to the Corvette-003-stereo player. The frequency of rotation of the disk 33, 45 rpm The detonation coefficient of 0.1%. Acoustic noise level 20 dB. The relative level of rumble is -70 dB. The frequency range is 20 ... 20,000 Hz. The background level is -75 dB. Harmonic coefficient 0.8%. Dimensions EP 485x225x370 mm. Weight is 12 kg. Since 1987, according to GOST 11157-87, the electric player has become known as the "EP-038-stereo Corvette". ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko