Almaz 1965
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Radios T-7 Almaz, T-7 Rubin and Rubin-2 from 1965, from 1966 and from 1967 respectively produced Sarapulsky Plant. Ordzhonikidze. The miniature radio "T-7" Diamond is built on 7 transistors: A-408A, A-409A, GT-108B and MD-3 diode. Available in two versions, to work only in the range of the Far East or ST. Rated output power 25 mW. Sensitivity in DV is 10 mV / m, in CB 8 mV / m. 14 dB selectivity. The band of reproduced sound frequencies is 700 ... 3000 Hz. Power supply from 4 D-0,06 accumulators connected in series-parallel. Quiescent current 15 mA. Loudspeaker 0,025ГД-2. There is a socket for the TM-2M headset. Montage printed. Dimensions of the model 45x53x23 mm, weight 90 g. Built on the basis of the receiver "Cosmos". In 1966, the T-7 receiver Diamond was modified and changed its name to the T-7 Rubin or simply Ruby. The first editions of the upgraded receiver were still called T-7 Diamond. 16 dB and sensitivity up to 5 and 2.5 mV / m. The quiescent current is reduced. The receiver has a jack for connecting an outdoor antenna. The dimensions of the receiver are 45x54x24 mm. upgraded and changed the name to '' Rubin-2 '. The basis was taken the scheme of the receiver' 'Cosmos-M' The last 4 photos are a comparison of the Rubin T-7 and Cosmos-M receivers.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko