Apogej-301 1980
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Portable radio receiver "Apogei-301" since 1980 of release Kimovsky radio-electromechanical plant. Radio "Apogee-301" is assembled using integrated circuits. It is designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations in the CB, HF and VHF bands. It provides AGC, AFC, display settings on the radio in the UKB-FM range, adjust the tone on the HF, the scale of the backlight. The radio has a power indicator and fine tuning knob in the short wave range. The receiver is made using microchips and transistors. Power is supplied from the six elements of type A-343 or from the network through the built-in power supply. Loudspeaker applied 1GD-50. Key Features: Rated output power 0.4 W, maximum when running from the mains 1.2 W. The frequency range of the sound path AM - 250 ... 3550 Hz, FM - 250 ... 7100 Hz. Sensitivity in the range of SV - 1.5 mV / m, KV - 500 mV. Selectivity in the bands of SV and KV 30 dB. The current consumed in rest mode is 15 mA. The power consumed from the mains 5 watts. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 177x200x72 mm. Weight - 1.5 kg. Retail price - 75 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko