Mrija-301 1971
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The portable transistor radio of the 3rd class "Mriya-301" from 1971 was produced by the Dnepropetrovsk radio plant. '' Mriya-301 '' - radiol on 9 transistors and 2 diodes with an electroplay device of type EPU-6-9V. The ranges of received waves: DV, SV, KV-1 - 31 ... 25 m and KV-2 - 75 ... 41 m. In the KV range, reception is conducted on a whip (telescopic) antenna. Maximum sensitivity with an output power of 50 mW: on a DV of 500 μV / m, SV of 200 μV / m, KV 30 μV. The real sensitivity on the DV 1.5 mV / m, SV 0.8 mV / m and KV 100 µV. The adjacent channel selectivity: on DV, CB not less than 40 dB. The attenuation of the mirror channel on the DV 30, CB 26, KV 12 dB. AGC action: when the input signal changes by 26 dB, the output voltage changes by 6 dB. Band of reproduced sound frequencies 300 ... 3500 Hz. Rated output power, with SOI of the entire path of the receiver is not more than 5% - 250 mW. The average sound pressure in the band of reproduced sound frequencies is 0.3 Pa. Power supply: six elements of type 373. Power supply 9 V. Current consumed by the receiver, in the absence of a signal of 15 mA. The radio receiver"™s performance is maintained when the supply voltage drops to 4 V. The receiver"™s operation time at an average volume from one set of 373 type elements: at least 100 hours. 45 and 78 rpm The current consumed by the electric motor is about 85 mA. Dimensions radioli 288h117h90 mm. Weight with batteries 3 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko