El'fa-201-4-stereo 1988
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The tape recorder-prefix "Elf-201-4-stereo" since 1988 was produced by Vilnius ETZ "Elfa". The tape recorder is analogous to the previous tape recorder "Elf-201-3-stereo". This is also a coil stationary two-speed MP, which has amplifiers AF and a control loudspeaker. The device allows recording phonogram with subsequent playback at speeds of 9.53 and 19.05 cm / s in mono and stereo modes. There are dial gauge indicators for recording and playback, a tape consumption counter, auto-stop when the tape is completed or broken, the ability to record a mono signal on four tracks. The frequency range at higher speeds on the LV is 31.5 .... 20,000 Hz, less - 31.5 .... 14000 Hz. Maximum output power control amplifiers 2x10 watts.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko