Sport-4 1970
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The Sport-4 portable radio receiver in 1970 limitedly launched the Dnepropetrovsk Radio Plant. The class 3 radio receiver `` Sport-4 '' is intended for reception in the ranges: LW, CB, KV-I - 31 ... 25 m and KV-II - 75 ... 41 m. Sensitivity to the built-in magnetic antenna on LW 1.6 mV / m, SW 0.6 mV / m, HF 0.3 mV / m. Adjacent Channel Selectivity 36 dB. Attenuation of the mirror channel at LW 30 dB, CB 32 dB, KV-I 16 dB, KV-II 18 dB. Frequency range reproduced by the loudspeaker 250 ... 4000 Hz. Rated output power 100 mW. Power is supplied from 4 elements 316. Quiescent current 10 mA. The dimensions of the model are 195x110x47 mm. Weight 900 gr. The radio receiver is released in a limited series and, in addition to design, repeats the Sport and Sport-2 receivers.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko