Gamma 1964
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From 1964 and 1965, the Gamma and Gamma-V radio radios were respectively produced by the Murom RIP Plant. Radiol Gamma was developed in 1964 and was to be produced since 1965. At the end of 1964, about a hundred radio channels were released, but they did not get into the distribution network due to the ban on the USSR Chamber of Commerce. Radiola belonged to the 2nd class, but had only the ranges of LW, NE, VHF and a fairly high price. In addition, the cover that covers the EPU was made of dark plastic, which, according to experts, was unacceptable. The radiola was finalized by adding two HF subranges, with corresponding changes to the scale and the key switch, where instead of 6 keys it became 8, after which it became known as Gamma-B (all-wave). Ready-made Gamma radios were sold to employees of the RIP plant at a price of 38 rubles. Information about this was provided by a former employee of the RIP plant - Pervushin Radislav Valentinovich. Radiola of the 2nd cash desk `` Gamma-V '' is assembled on eight lamps and provides reception in the DV, CB, KB, VHF bands and record playback. A feature of the radio is color accompaniment when listening to radio programs and records. Ranges LW, CB standard, KB range is divided into 2 subbands KV1 - 32.0 ... 24.8 m, KV2 - 75.9..40.5 m. Sensitivity in the ranges LW, CB - 20 ... 150 μV , in the KB subranges - 50 ... 200 μV, in the VHF range - 2 ... 20 μV. Selectivity 46 dB. The reproducible frequency band when receiving in the AM ranges is 80 ... 6000 Hz (when receiving a powerful station and a wide IF band, with the usual band of 100 ... 4000 Hz), in the FM band and the EPU operation - 80 ... 10000 Hz. There are three loudspeakers in the radio: front 4GD-28 and 2 side 1GD-28. EPU allows you to listen to ordinary and long-playing records. Power consumption 100 watts. Dimensions of the radio 635x305x320 mm. Weight is 21 kg. The price is 138 rubles. Graduation completed in 1969. Released 380,944 copies.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko