Salena-215 1987
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A portable radio "Salena-215" (Abava RP-8332) from the I-quarter in 1987 produced the Kandav radio plant. Initially, the radio was called as "Abava-8332", then the model was reworked, complicated, and became known as "Salena-215" in export version. The receiver was also produced as '' Abava-8332 '', but with 2 KV ranges. The receiver operates in the following bands: LW, MW, 4x (bkb 2-8332) in the HF subbands, from 5.9 MHz to 12.1 MHz and in one of the UHF FM bands - 65.8 ... 74 MHz or FM 87, 5 ... 108 MHz. The receiver dimensions are 337x102x84 mm, its weight is 1.4 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko