Sokol-309 1982
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The cost-effective transistor radio Sokol-309 has been produced by the Moscow Radio Plant since 1982 (PA Temp). The radio works in the ranges of long, medium, short and ultrashort waves. The radio has a tuning indicator on the radio, automatic frequency control, silent tuning in the VHF band, timbre adjustment on the HF sound frequencies, the tuning scale backlight. In the receiver, in addition, there is a fine tuning knob for KB radio stations, a headphone jack, an additional external antenna, and grounding. The receiver is powered from a battery consisting of six A-343 type cells or from an AC network, through an integrated stabilized power supply. The receiver works on 1GD-54 loudspeaker. The corus of the radio receiver is made of impact-resistant polystyrene with a front decorative plastic or metal grille. Main technical characteristics: The sensitivity of the device to the internal antenna in the ranges; DW 0.8 mV / m SV 0.5. To an external antenna in the ranges; HF - 100, VHF - 60 µV. The maximum output power from the battery - 0.8 W, from the network - 1 W. The range of reproduced sound frequencies of the AM path is 250 ... 3100 Hz, FM - 250 ... 7100 Hz. The dimensions of the model are 225x215x75 mm. Weight 1.9 kg. The price of the radio "Sokol-309" is 90 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko