Festival' 1957
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Radio "Festival" since 1957 produced the Leningrad Metalware Plant. '' Festival '' is the first domestic portable transistor radio designed and produced in the USSR as a souvenir for the 6th International Festival of Youth and Students, which opened in Moscow on July 28, 1957. The receiver was experimental and released in a limited edition. Its design became quite successful and from the 1st quarter of 1958, according to the same electrical circuit, design and design, the radio was launched at the Voronezh radio plant, where it was called Voronezh. For a number of technical and economic reasons (lack of components, high price, low demand, lack of repair facilities), the release of the model in Voronezh also did not become serial. Radio '' Festival '' is designed to receive radio stations operating in the CB range. It is made in the form of a book, which, when opened, opens access to the volume and volume control. Reception is carried out on the internal ferrite antenna. In the receiver transistors of the P6 series are used. Dynamic loudspeaker type 0,25GD-1. The rated output power of the amplifier is 90 mW. Dimensions of the model 175x122x45 mm. Weight 800 gr.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko