Chajka 1960
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The portable transistor radio "The Seagull" has been prepared for release since 1960 by the Leningrad plant "Radiopribor". In the receiver 6 transistors and 1 diode are used. Montage printed. A small-sized loudspeaker with a diffuser diameter of 50 mm and a height of 20.5 mm is installed at the exit. Voice coil impedance is 7 ohm. Rated output power 100 mW. Sensitivity at medium waves 2.5 mV / m, at long waves 5 mV / m. The selectivity is about 15 dB. Attenuation in the mirror channel on both bands is 16 dB. The use of AGC does not allow the output voltage to change by more than 12 dB when the input signal changes by 25 dB. CED 6%. IF 465 kHz. An interesting feature of the receiver is the use of two ferrite rods, one for each range. Powered by a battery with a voltage of 9 V or from 7 OR-2 mercury oxide elements. You can use the battery 7D-0.12. Current consumption in silent mode 7.5 mA, at a rated power of 30 mA. The mass of the receiver with a battery of 300 gr. Radio "The Seagull" was not commercially produced. It was released several prototypes.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko