Harlie TR-10 1958
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The portable transistor radio "Harlie TR-10" was produced since 1958 by the Japanese company Shirasuna Denki Mfg. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Co. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Ltd. specifically for the American company Harlie Transistor Products, which sold the radio in the United States. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Superheterodyne on 4 transistors. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 The AM range is 535 ... 1605 kHz. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 IF - 455 kHz. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Power supply - 9 volts. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Dimensions of the model 127x79x38 mm. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 There is no other information. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 See visual information. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko