Majak-2 1971
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Since the beginning of 1965, the Saratov factory Banner of Labor has been producing a desktop souvenir Mayak. The souvenir is a desktop model of the Ostankino television tower with a built-in radio receiver, which provides confident and loud reception of local broadcasting stations (one pre-configured chatota) in the Far East and partly NE range up to 30 kilometers. Since 1971, along with the issue of the Mayak souvenir, the plant has also produced the Mayak-2 souvenir that works only in the Far East or only SV range. The receiver is powered by 6 elements of 1.3 FMC 0.25, placed in a box with a retractable lid at the base of the souvenir. Operating time about 30 hours. When using the adapter pad, it is possible to be powered by a Krona battery, here the operating time is reduced to 10 hours. Tuning to the radio station is done with a special key (visible in the 11th photo).
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko