Nejva-304 1987
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Since the beginning of 1981 and 1987, portable radio receivers Neiva-403 and Neiva-304 produced Kamensk-Ural instrument-making plant. Portable transistor radio "Neiva-403" provides for receiving radio stations in the Far East and the Mainland bands to an internal magnetic antenna. Powered by a Krona VTs battery or a 7D-0.115 battery. There are jacks for the headset and external antenna. The model is made taking into account modern aesthetic requirements (in 1981), the case is made of impact-resistant polystyrene with duralumin overlay. Sensitivity in the DV ranges - 1.2 mV / m, SV - 0.8 mV / m. The range of reproducible sound frequencies according to GOST is 450 ... 3150 Hz, real 300 ... 3500 Hz. Output rated power 100, maximum 150 mW. Dimensions of the receiver 145x80x39 mm. Weight 450 gr. The radio "Neiva-304" does not differ from the described one except for the class and name.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko