Solnechnyj 1959
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Portable transistor radio "Solnechny" in early 1959, developed by Leningrad NIIRPA them. Popov. The feature of the receiver is power from a small-sized solar battery built into the upper part of the case together with a built-in battery. When the receiver was turned off, the battery was recharged from a solar battery under normal daylight, which was enough for the normal operation of the radio for 3 hours a day. If you need long-term listening, you had to direct the light of the sun or lamps of 60 ... 100 W to the solar battery. The receiver is assembled on 8 transistors. ST range When working with a ferrite antenna, the sensitivity of the receiver is 5 mV / m. The adjacent channel selectivity is 12 dB. The rated output power of the amplifier is 25 mW. The frequency range of sound pressure 300 ... 4000 Hz. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 240x105x68 mm. Weight 650 gr. The radio was made in a prototype. The body is made of paper pulp.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko