Elektronika-304 1986
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Since 1986, the portable radio set Elektronika-304 has been produced by the Novosibirsk Scientific Production Association Adron. The receiver is an analogue of the '' Vega-342 '' receiver of the Berdsk radio plant. Small differences are in the design of the front panel and in other inscriptions. The receiver works in the ranges DV, SV on the magnetic antenna and in the range of VHF-FM, on the telescopic telescopic. A digital clock in addition to displaying the time at a predetermined time can turn the receiver on and off. Powered by five elements of type A-316. Sensitivity in the ranges: AE 2 mV / m, NE 1.6 mV / m, VHF 100 mV. Selectivity in the ranges of DV and CB 26 dB. The range of reproduced sound frequencies in VHF - 315 ... 7100 Hz. Rated output power 0.2 watts.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko