Sanda-MKP 1991
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The professional reel-to-reel tape recorder "Sanda-MKP" has been producing the Volga Electromechanical Plant since 1991. Designed for multi-channel recording and playback of voice information transmitted via telephone and radio channels with reference to the time and date of the recorded information. Provides recording from the outputs of telephone lines and radio lines of operational services, start-stop (on when a signal arrives and off after a signal is removed) voice information on three channels with recording the current time on the service channel. It provides: automatic search for recorded information and listening with the help of a loudspeaker and headphones. Provides an indication of the current search time in days, hours, minutes, automatic control and indication of failures, the operation of two devices in the backup mode with automatic switching on the backup tape recorder when the main one fails. Time of continuous operation of the tape recorder in the start-stop mode is 24 hours, followed by a break of 1 hour. The belt speed is 2.38 cm / sec. The frequency range of the recording and playback channel is 100 ... 6000 Hz. Normal output power 0.5 watts. Power consumption 100 watts. The mass of the tape recorder is 22,4 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko