Saturn-101-stereo 1982
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Reel tape recorder "Saturn-101-stereo" was developed in 1982 at the Omsk Electrotechnical Plant named after Karl Marx. Information on this tape recorder could not be found. The only mention on the site: Some idea of "‹"‹the model can be made from the photo here. But what was written on the site: This is a truly rare photograph of an industrial design of 1982. Products that have not been put into mass production. Reel tape recorder "Saturn-101-stereo" produced by Omsk Electronomic Films Plant named after Karl Marx, who produced primarily military electronics and a factory, which left only walls and a lot of remarkable retail space. I remember that there were two or three photos. At one of them was the "Saturn-202-stereo", though a bit different design than the one that went into production. While there was one. I suppose that models 202 and 101 were developed simultaneously, but for some reason they refused from the 101st. By the way, it is very interesting (and sadly) to see the life of Soviet industrial design through the production process (if you are interested, look at how the "sausage" model 202). Designers think about the compositional interaction of black and white, and the production ... Well, we do not have black polystyrene!
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko