Romantika MP-225S 1992
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Since 1991, the tape recorder-prefix "Romance MDP-225S" has been produced by the Kharkiv PSZ them. Shevchenko. The MP was developed in 1986, however, for various reasons, the issue was launched in 1991 under the name Romance MDP-225C (Two-cassette tape recorder), since 1992 the name has been simplified by removing "D". MP '' Romance MP-225S '' allows you to record soundtracks on magnetic tape in cassettes MK. The MP has 2 LPMs, which ensure the accelerated rewriting of the phonograms from the cassette to the cassette, the sequential playback of the 2nd cassette, after the 1st and vice versa. The MP has electronic logic control of the LPM modes, synchronous start of the LPM when copying records, temporary stop, auto-stop at the end of the tape, automatic disconnection from the network. Level Z / V is controlled by a fluorescent indicator. It is possible to control the modes: working stroke, stop, fast forward, rewind, record, listen to phonograms using phones. Knock factor ± 0,26%; frequency range with a ribbon Cr 31.5 ... 18000 Hz, Fe 31.5 ... 16000 Hz; power consumption 18 W; MP dimensions - 430х350х125 mm; weight 6.2 kg In the description above, the initial approximate parameters are given, which partly do not coincide with the MP instruction.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko