Dorozhnyj 1956
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The portable transistor radio "Road" from the IV quarter of 1956 was experimentally produced by the Moscow factory Red October. Radio "Road" developed in the IRPA in 1955. It is assembled according to the superheterodyne scheme on eight transistors and operates in the range of long (LW) - 750 ... 2000 meters and medium (MW) -185 ... 550 meters of waves. Radio reception in stationary conditions is carried out on an outdoor antenna, in a portable mode, for a small segment (1.5 ... 2.5 m) of the wire. Powered by two batteries type KBS-L, with a total voltage of 9 volts. Sensitivity with an external antenna is about 200 µV on both ranges, with a 2-meter cable length of about 2 ... 3 mV / m. Selectivity (selectivity for s.k.) - 12 ... 14 dB. Rated output power - 150 mW. The range of reproducible sound frequencies is 150 ... 4000 Hz.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko