Kiev-7 1963
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Portable transistor radio "Kiev-7" with I-kv 1963 produced the Kiev factory "Radio". The receiver is a small portable type superheterodyne, assembled on seven transistors. The radio receiver is designed to receive broadcasting stations in the ranges of the Far East and CB to the internal magnetic antenna. The receiver is equipped with a case of genuine leather. Maximum sensitivity in the Far East - 1.0 mV / m. SV - 0.8 mV / m. The adjacent channel selectivity in both bands is 16 dB. Attenuation of the mirror channel signal is at least 14 dB. IF - 465 kHz AGC action: when the signal changes at the input of the radio receiver by 26 dB, the signal change at the output of the radio receiver is not more than 12 dB. The band of reproduced sound frequencies 450 ... 3000 Hz. Nominal output power, with a non-linear distortion coefficient of the entire receiver amplification path, is not more than 10% - 60 MW. Power sources battery type "Krona" or battery type 7D-0.1. Power supply 9 volts. The current consumed by the receiver in the absence of a signal is not more than 5.6 ma. The performance of the receiver is maintained when the battery voltage drops to 5.6 volts. The duration of the receiver at an average volume: from the battery "Krona" - 25 ... 30 hours from the battery 7D-0.1 for at least 10 hours. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 125x78x36 mm. Weight 400 grams.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko