Pioner CS-1 1960
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Since 1960, the Pioneer CA-1 pocket radio has been manufactured by the Moscow Tsentrosoyuz factory of foodstuffs. The radio receiver is assembled in a case 110x70x32 mm in size, according to the direct amplification scheme on 4 transistors and 1 germanium diode and is designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations in the range of medium (520 ... 1600 kHz) and long (150 ... 450 kHz) waves. Reception is carried out on the internal magnetic antenna. Output power 20 mW. Power is supplied from the battery for a flashlight. The current consumed by the radio receiver does not exceed 12 mA. The mass of the receiver without battery is 300 grams. The radio receiver was produced on the basis of the RADIO-CONSTRUCTOR with the same name, produced by the factory since July 1959.
Based on information from collection of Valery Khartchenko