MN-61 1961
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The special wire transistor tape recorder MN-61 from the beginning of 1961 produced Vilma Vilma Plant and Rybinsk Instrument-Making Plant. The tape recorder is intended for recording and reproducing speech from the receiver, lines and microphone in aerodrome conditions or combat parts of air force units, as well as for playing records made on an aircraft tape recorder "MS-61". Sound carrier is a special wire of type EI-708A or EI-708. The duration of continuous recording on tape is about 5.5 hours. The rewind time of the sound carrier is about 35 minutes. Irregularity of the frequency response at a frequency of 1000 Hz is not worse than 4 dB, when the input signal changes from 10 to 70 V from the input of the radio. Irregularity of the frequency response in the frequency range 300 ... 3000 Hz with the installation of tone controls in the middle position no more than 10 dB. Dynamic range of at least 30 dB. The coefficient of nonlinear distortion of the path recording / playback of about 10% at a frequency of 1000 Hz. Frequency of current erasing and bias 20 KHz. The output voltage on a 1GD-18 loudspeaker is 1.5 V, on TA-56M 1.8 V phones, on the same, but high-resistance (3.2 kOhm) 20 V. The timbre control limits are at least 5 dB. When the sound carrier breaks or ends during recording, a voltage is issued to start the backup tape recorder. The tape recorder has an autostart device that provides automatic shutdown of the tape recorder at the end of the signal at the input and automatic switching on when a signal appears when recording. Power supply from alternating current network of 50 Hz frequency with voltage 110, 127, 220 V. Power consumption 75 W. Dimensions of tape recorder 326x241Ñ…236 mm. Weight 12 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko