Vega-342 1986
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Portable radio receivers "Vega-340" and "Vega-342" since 1986 produced the Berdsky radio plant. Portable radio receivers '' Vega-340 '' and '' Vega-342 '' accept the programs of broadcasting stations in the DV and SV bands to the built-in magnetic antenna, and in the VHF-FM band to the built-in telescopic. You can also listen to the transmissions on the headphones, and the loudspeaker is turned off. Unlike the receiver "Vega-340", the receiver "Vega-342" has an electronic digital clock. In addition to displaying the current time, they can turn on and off the receiver or alarm device - an alarm clock at a predetermined time. The power of receivers is carried out from 5 elements 316. The real sensitivity in the ranges: A - 2, MW - 1,6, VHF - 0.1 mV / m. The selectivity in AM is 28 dB. The range of reproducible sound frequencies in the DV and ST bands is 315 ... 3550 Hz, in the VHF range 315 ... 7100 Hz. Rated output power 0.2 watts. The dimensions of any radio receiver are 230x95x45.5 mm, weight 700 (800) g.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko