Kristall 1958
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The stationary transistor radio "Crystal" at the beginning of 1958 was developed by the Leningrad NIIRPA them. A.S.Popova. A distinctive feature of the Kristall receiver was power supply from a small-sized solar battery together with a built-in battery voltage of 6 V. When the receiver operated no more than two hours a day when the power was off, the battery was recharged from the solar battery under normal room daylight. If you need a long listening to the receiver, you had to direct the light of the sun or a 60-watt desk lamp to the solar battery. The receiver is assembled on eight transistors of the type P-1 and P-6. Ranges DV and ST. When working with an external antenna, the receiver sensitivity is 800 µV. The adjacent channel selectivity is about 14 dB. The nominal output power of the low-frequency receiver amplifier is 30 mW. The frequency range of sound pressure 200 ... 4000 Hz. Dimensions of the receiver 290x175x78 mm. Weight 770 gr.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko