Serenada RE-210S 1993
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Since 1993, the stationary transistor radio "Serenade RE-210S" was produced by the Vladivostok plant "Radiopribor". "Serenade RE-210S" is a stationary stereo radiol of the 2nd complexity group, intended for receiving monaural broadcasting stations in the bands DV, SV1 and SV2; playback of stereo recordings using an electronic player; mono or stereo magnetic recording or playback using an external tape recorder. Frequency range: DV 148.5 ... 283.5 kHz, CB1 526.5 ... 900.0 kHz, CB2 900.0 ... 1606.5 kHz. Sensitivity with external antenna - 140 µV. ± 9 kHz selectivity in all bands and offset is 30 dB. Rated output power 2x1 watts. When receiving a broadcasting station, the radio signal reproduces the sound frequency band of 160 ... 3550 Hz, while playing records of 160 ... 10,000 Hz. The power consumed from the mains 13 watts. Power is supplied from the mains. Dimensions of the model - 485x126x305 mm. Weight without packaging 6.5 kg. Radiol is similar to the model "Serenade RE-209", in addition to adding an additional low-frequency amplifier, switching, another speaker system, as well as a stereo pickup head.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko