Leningrad-006S 1978
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A radio receiver of the highest class "Leningrad-006-stereo" since 1978 produced the Leningrad plant "Radio device". The receiver works in all ranges accepted by GOST. Stereo programs can be received in the VHF band. The receiver has two internal magnetic antennas for reception at the Far East and UHF bands and a telescopic one for reception at the HF and VHF bands. The HF band is divided into 5 subbands. Sensitivity in the LW range is 0.8 μV, SV - 0.5 mV / m, in all HF sub-ranges of 150 μV, in VHF - 10 μV. IF narrowband selectivity 56 dB. The band of reproduced sound frequencies in the ranges of LW, NE with local reception of 80 ... 6300 Hz, in VHF 80 ... 12000 Hz. The nominal output power of the amplifier is 1, the maximum is 1.5 watts. When powered by a maximum output power of 2.7 watts. Power consumption is 15 watts. Dimensions of the radio 390x394x164 mm. Weight is 9 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko