Ilga-302-stereo 1985
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Radiol "Ilga-302-stereo" since 1985 was produced by the Irkutsk Radio Plant. The radiola consists of an all-wave tuner with the ranges DV, CB, KB 50.4 ... 30.6 m and VHF, EPU type "3-EPU-48SP", amplifier and two speaker type "3AC-312" (15AC-204 ) The model has separate tone controls for bass, treble, stereo balance control, switchable AFC and BSH in the VHF range, a 4-channel light-dynamic indicator of the spectrum of the audio signal, a push-button AC switch, jacks for connecting stereo phones and tape recorder. EPU uses the pickup GZP-301. Since 1987, the plant has been producing the radio "Ilga-302-1-stereo" (since 1988, "Ilga RE-302-1-stereo") in everything similar to the previous model. The rotational speed of the disc is 33 and 45 rpm. The detonation coefficient of 0.25%. The EPA signal-to-background ratio is 55 dB. The range of reproduced sound frequencies: EPU - 50 ... 12500 Hz; power amplifier - 63 ... 12500 Hz; AC 100 ... 12500 Hz. Rated output power - 2x3 watts. Dimensions of the radio - 420x360x175, AC - 380x260x210 mm. Weight - 8 and 3 kg, respectively. The price is 165 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko