Radiotekhnika RP-5201 1987
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The stationary block radio receiver "Radiotekhnika RP-5201" was produced presumably since 1987 by the Riga Radio Plant named after A.S. Popov. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The set consists of 4 functionally complete units: a tuner, an AF amplifier and two speakers. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Blocks can be used separately or assembled together. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Connections are made by interconnect connectors. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The tuner receives on an external antenna, on a magnetic antenna for operation on LW, MW and telescopic for reception on HF and VHF. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The tuner has a BSHN and AFC in the VHF range, a device for indicating the level of AM and FM paths using a line of LEDs, and an indication of the presence of a stereo transmission. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Sensitivity for DV - 2 mV / m, SV - 1.2 mV / m, KV - 0.3 mV / m, VHF - 50 μV. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Adjacent channel selectivity - 30 dB. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The nominal output power of the amplifier is 2x3 W, musical 2x9 W. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 There is overload protection. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The range of reproducible frequencies of the amplifier is 80 ... 16000 Hz. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Harmonic coefficient no more than 1%. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 On the rear panel there are three sockets for connecting input signals: "UNIV", "Tuner", "Tape recorder", on the front - one "Tape recorder 2". ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The amplifier has a volume control, a balance control and tone controls for bass and treble. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Each two-way speaker is equipped with a 6GDV-2 high-frequency dynamic head and a 6GDSH-5 broadband speaker (5GDSH-5-4 and 6GDV-1-16 versions). ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The design and electrical circuit of the amplifier is similar to the amplifier from the radio complex "Radiotechnika ML-6201" ("Riga-230"). ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko