Sjurpriz 1958
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Radio Surprise from the first quarter of 1958 produced the Saratov factory Banner of Labor. The Surprise radio is assembled on seven transistors using a superheterodyne circuit and is designed to receive programs from broadcasting stations operating in the following ranges: Far East (723 ... 2000 m) and SV (187.5 ... 577 m) waves. The nominal output power of the receiver amplifier is 100 mW, the maximum 250 mW, the audio frequency band reproduced by the compact dynamic speaker 0.5GD-11 is 350 ... 6000 Hz. The intermediate frequency is 465 kHz. The receiver is powered by four batteries "KNP-0.42". The duration of continuous operation at an average volume of 15 hours. The sensitivity of the model in both ranges is 7 ... 10 mV / m. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 150x80x32 mm. Weight 520 grams. Here is what Yury Alexandrovich wrote to me about the radio receiver and the plant: Yu.A. I have other information, unofficial, according to the stories of old-timers who were engaged in electronics in the 50 ... 60 years of the XX century. The radio receiver was apparently prepared for release at the Korpus manufacturer, as we also call it Khrushchevsky. The Surprise radio has never been seen on the market; it may have gone as far as mass production. My two copies from the person who worked at the Korpus factory in the 70 ... 80 years of the XX century. And at the factory "Banner of Labor" in 1986 of the XX century. I started my labor activity, but then I didn"™t intereisovatsya radio receivers and for 6 months I never heard of the receiver "Surprise". At the same time, in one military enterprise of the city, the corps from the Surprise receivers stood in the boxes and according to an eyewitness account about a hundred. Why did they know nobody there and used them as soap dishes, but more than 20 years have passed since the release date.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko