Saturn-202-1-stereo 1984
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Reel stereo tape recorder "Saturn-202-1-stereo" from mid-1984 produced Omsk Electrotechnical Plant them. Karl Marx. The stationary 2-speed 4-track tape recorder Saturn-202-1-stereo is an upgrade of the previous model and practically repeats it. The tape recorder is designed for mono or stereo tape recording and playback. UWB reduces the noise level during playback. The recording level is controlled separately in each channel using dial gauges. When the tape ends and breaks, its movement automatically stops, and after 3 ... 4 minutes the tape recorder is disconnected from the network. Four-decade counter allows you to find the necessary record, determine the tape consumption. The type of tape A4309-6B, A4409-6B. The coil number is 18. The belt speed is 19.05 and 9.53 cm / sec. Operating frequency range at a higher speed of 40 ... 20000 Hz, less than 63 ... 12500 Hz. The detonation coefficient is ± 0.13 and ± 0.25%. Maximum output power 2x10 watts. Input impedance AC 4 Ohms. Power consumption 130 watts. Dimensions of the tape recorder - 494x377x197 mm, AC - 421x283x265 mm. Weight 17 kg, one speaker 10 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko